Sandwich Showground is part of the Sandwich Leisure group and can offer a variety of services to help with the smooth running of your event from infrastructure to traffic management plan:

  • High visibility Perimeter fencing
  • Arena fencing
  • Event trailer
  • Tower lighting
  • Signage
  • Toilets (can include cleaning services on request )
  • Storage container
  • Provision of bins
  • Waste disposal
  • Water containers
  • Light advertising board
  • Water (metered) 
  • Admin
  • Management
  • Plumber / Electrician
  • General labour
  • R/T forklift with drive and fuel
  • Tractor, driver and fuel  
  • Landrover and operator
  • site dumper 3 ton and 9 ton
  • flat/box trailer hire.

For more information on any of our event services please contact us